About New Shoes

New Shoes was recorded and released in 2004.  This was Steve's initial release and it was recorded at Slyngshot Studios in Calgary, with the help of Slyngshot's production team and musicians.  At that point in time, Steve had written several hundred songs, so it was a challenge to pare it down to just three songs for an initial EP.  The songs that were chosen highlighted a variety of rock (New Shoes), a ballad (A New Day) and pop (Be The One). 

About the Songs on New Shoes

The EP lead off, New Shoes, is a song of encouragement with reference to the prodigal son's new shoes giving him hope for the future ... "We’ll walk a mile in new shoes. Throw off all these old man blues. Come on now and be renewed. God is there to pull you through."

A New Day is also a song of encouragement, born out of a time of difficulty in Steve's life ... "Never mind the fear and failure, Each and every human sailor has to bail a little water and keep going.

The theme of not letting fear hold you back continues on 'Be The One' ... "Don’t get stuck in a safety zone. Don’t get locked in a darkened room. Don’t think you can’t be the one who’ll make a difference in this world. You can always be the one.