About ... The Art Of Deception

The Art Of Deception is a four song EP that was recorded and released in 2010.  The songs on the EP range from jazz (title track) to gospel (Eye Has Not Seen), rock (Pull Me Through) and instrumental (Philbin Sunset).  All songs were written, arranged, recorded and performed by Steve with guest lead guitar by Scott Laurie on the title track.

About The Songs ...

The title track sees Steve venture into some "light jazz" while singing of the complexity of dealing with deception within a relationship ... "In your reception I lost all perception. A clueless story; a simpleton's fate. So cold I shiver at the lies delivered. It's still a struggle, far from the start."

Pull Me Through is an upbeat rocker, although the lyrics find our singer struggling with confusion and looking for help from above ... "I'm a dangling thread; I'm an unmade bed and I don't know what to do. My heart's apart, my head won't start and I don't know what to do ... So please tell me that You'll pull me close, cause I need You to pull me through."

Eye Has Not Seen is based upon text from 1 Corinthians; the Bible being a regular source of lyrical content in many of Steve's compositions.  While basically a folk song, the lazy lead guitar and bongos give it a dreamy vibe for beach campfire singalongs.

The EP ends on the beach with an instrumental ode to Philbin Beach on Martha's Vineyard.