I think that I've been influenced by all the music I've ever heard in my life.  But if I have to narrow it down to the main musical influences, it's the guys I've listed below.

Major Musical Influences

Elton John
Elton is, far and away, my largest musical influence, given my love for his music. I think it's safe to say that I try to emulate his vocal stylings in a lot of my songs.  My emphasis on melody comes from listening to EJ for hours on end in the 1970s.

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Favorite EJ Album

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Isn't everybody influenced by them? The melodies, the harmonies, the backing vocals, the use of effects and the wonderful songs.

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 Favorite Beatles Album

Abbey Road
Rolling Stones
I love the drumming of Charlie Watts.  You can't listen to him without tapping your foot.  I also love the rhythmic style of Keith's guitar playing. 

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 Favorite Stones Album

Hot Rocks
Dallas Holm
Dallas was, along with Larry, the first Christian artist that I was musically introduced to.  Dallas Holm's songs are powerful and the man himself is a great role model. 

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 Favorite Dallas Holm Album

Just Right
Larry Norman
Larry is the pioneer of Christian rock music.  His range of musical stylings was amazing and his songs were so catchy and often full of great humour. 

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 Favorite Larry Album

Only Visiting This Planet
Keith Green
Keith wrote songs that made you think and they challenged you.  He was a brilliant piano player and he sang with passion and emotion. 

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 Favorite Keith Green Album

For Him Who Has Ears To Hear
The Who
Nobody builds tension in music the way that Pete can.  I love the dramatic nature of the Who's music and the fact that the lyrics are about a range of subjects and stories.  I love Pete's songwriting and guitar playing.  John was a brilliant bass guitarist.  Keith had a truly unique drumming style and Roger has the power and range that all vocalists crave.

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