From the recording Panatella Musica

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She was a scientist with a political agenda
He was an activist and a journalism major
Oh what a team, oh what a troop
Elevator shoes just to reach that scoop
Oh what a story, oh what a crock
But the public ate it up because they like a good shock

She was a high school teacher of mathematic theory
He was a part time driver of a downtown lorry
Oh what a duo, oh what a pair
Alligator shoes and a cape of mohair
Oh what a fable, oh what a tale
Til the day they were arrested and thrown into a jail

Sometimes seeing isn’t believing
Rule me like a fool
Sometimes sinking comes from thinking
By a wise man who’s a fool
A wise man who’s a fool

She was a top down lawyer with litigation savvy
He was a tax collector and keeper of the abbey
Oh what a couple, oh what a set
Wellington boots and an emu for a pet
Oh what an ending, oh what a crime
Cause all the money went missing down to the last dime