From the recording Panatella Musica

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Come and take a look at what you’ve been missing, she turned and said to me
For a dollar there’s a good cup of coffee, come and try my fresh beans
Come and trip around my lovely plantation, see the flowers and trees
You can listen to the sound of the ocean, come and sit by the sea

Flying by me there’s a flock of grey seagulls, are they looking at me?
Driving by me there’s a group of school children, in yellow submarine
Up above me there’s a gathering storm now, I better head for the trees
Find my way back to the misty plantation, and drink those coffee beans

Night is falling all across the plantation, see the shooting stars
If you listen you can hear the trees whisper, capture your mind and heart
Out on the porch I’m sitting sipping Caturra, and it’s quarter to three
But the moonlight on the misty plantation is such sweet harmony