1. Mean

From the recording Panatella Musica

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Pardon me asking but why did you take
Part of my soul when my heart you did break
Telling me lies and inflicting pain
Making me feel like I was insane
Because you’re mean, because you’re mean
Heaven knows I felt all alone
Because you’re mean

Why did you lead me to the the cliff
Take all my money and give me a push
Leaving me homeless and without respect
Thought I could trust you but all I get
Is you’re mean, yes you’re mean
A tragedy has now come to be
Because you’re mean

Pardon me talking and I know you won’t hear
Anything that I should ever say
Maybe I’m guilty, maybe we’re the same
I hope no ever tells me what I’m saying
That you’re mean, that you’re mean
Heaven knows its not the way to go
Being mean