1. Soul

From the recording Panatella Musica

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Callin’ from America into mass hysteria
Lookin’ for a shelter from the storm
Dreaming down the Highway 9; lookin’ back one more time
See the cloud of doubt and despair
Channel 10 is all messed up; serving from a broken cup
A drink of broken promises for fools

Who choose no solution
Who offer up more confusion
Who denigrate faith and union

Now and then I come to find someone with some peace of mind
A subtle gesture in a troubled time
But don’t look back it’s all the same; name your price, play the game
Any man can see it’s just a shame
Crying out; who can hear the puppets of the media
Raise another bad flag up the pole

And choose no solution
They just offer up more confusion
Then they denigrate faith and union

Oh my soul; oh my soul; Lord heal this world

Callin’ all Americas, Asia and Arabia, Europe and Australia too
I break it down in simplest terms, then into my heart and mind it burns
Livin’ life with a brand new point of view
Love the Lord with heart, soul and mind; then in confidence you find
You do unto others as you’d have done to you

And choose a solution
Then offer up love in unison
And celebrate faith and union

Oh my soul; oh my soul