1. Carry On Son

From the recording Going Up

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Carry On Son (Lyrics 7 Music by Steve Laurie: 12/23/09)

A stolen moment of reflection as I'm sipping on my coffee cup and driving on down my road
I'm overwhelmed by my own sense of failure; corrections, directions, my imperfections

But what, what, who me worry, amigo
Who, when, where or how, I never know now
Chang, chang, bang, bang, play it on my drum now
Sing, strum, cradle, my old guitar
Son, carry on, from above, carry on

Simple Simon's got me rhyming and I'm chiming in and singing with the radio
I'm well aware of my own shortcomings; my bumbles, my fumbles, all of my dumbness

Late at night I don't wanna go to my bed; don't wanna lay there listening to my head
A simple question of my sanity, oh calamity, all my vanity