From the recording Going Up

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I Know That You Can (Music & Lyrics by Steve Laurie: 4/21/10)

The sky's not falling son and this you should know
The future's calling you, so don't you let go
Take the dream from your heart and head to your hands
I know that you can

And now's the time to face your fears
No regrets to haunt you through the years
Go ahead and trust God's hand on your hand
I know that you can

Believe in your dream
I know that you can in His hands

Phase two, a chapter or two
Take five and drop me a line
No doubt a little twist and shout around a valley or a mountain or two
Third down, pressure starts to mount about a balance sheet and payments due
Tick tock, time comes off the clock
Can't rewind it, can't restart it, can't regain the youth

Who's that calling? Playing your heart strings
Who's that calling? Chase your heart's dream

Follow your heart home