From the recording Musical Excursions

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Who let me onto this boat?
It’s you, me and them out for a float
No one on here thought they’d ever sail
And a boat this full may not prevail
People waving from the shore, by their pools
Laughing at me on the ship of fools

No one expects to ever ride on this ship
We’re captain, crew; a group of misfits
Weren’t we all so worldly wise?
Couldn’t see ourselves through our own disguise
Now I know for sure that I ain’t cool
Laugh at me, I’m on the ship of fools

Turns out this vessel has got no wheel
Topsy turvy on a very short keel
Here’s my ticket that I want to rescind
All we ever are is blown by the wind
And I can’t fix it; I ain’t got the tools
I’m a passenger on the ship of fools

How’d I qualify to be on this ride
Take me to shore on the next high tide
Perhaps I had too much confidence
Arrogance ruling over common sense
Too late now for to go back to school
Sailing away on the ship of fools