From the recording Musical Excursions

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Send me down now over to that town by the sea of Galilee
Where that man did calm the storm with His voice across the sea
He was talking to you and He was talking to me
He was calling to you and He was calling to me
To calm the storms of our hearts, you see

Take me down now to the river gonna wash away all my fears
Show me over to the other shore and wipe away all my tears
If You’re talking to me, I’ll be listening to You
If You’re calling on me, I’ll be counting on You
For peace of mind when I feel blue

Let’s head down now to the music and the sound of peace and harmony
Take a little trip on the crystal ship to the sea of tranquility
I’ll be looking for you; hope you journey with me
I’ll be smiling at you; hope you smile at me
Hand in hand, we’ll cross the sea