From the recording Musical Excursions

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I spy, a tear in your eye
No one prepared you for life, but now you’ve learned to cry
All that talk about how you’ll always win
But now that you’ve lost you can’t pick yourself up again

And I don’t know what to tell ya
You grew up consuming lies
You wanted to be sheltered from anything you did not like
But that’s life, that’s life

Turns out you can’t buy your happiness
And chasing wealth is not the meaning of success
Being offended is human experience
If you’d respond in love, you might make a difference

And I don’t know what to tell ya
Good and bad will come your way
Take the tears with the laughter and press on through the day
Cause that’s life, that’s life

Monday looms, you’re sitting in your cube
Staring at cloth walls like they’re your prison guards
And you’re so scared to break free
Cause the world might hurt you today
Stuck in a cage that your mind made

I spy, fear in your eye
No one to coddle you and that’s your big surprise
Looking back it might’ve been a good thing
To welcome open debate on any subject they can bring

And I don’t know what to tell ya
If you choose to close your mind
Alternative perspectives are gonna help you get along
In your life