From the recording Welcome To The Party


Somewhere Up at The Top (Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie: 1/22/05)

I’m flat out, out of excuses
No one ever shot a movie where the leading man is disengaged
Too much time spent all alone
Will eat away a piece of you and leave you wondering why you come up short
I’m always looking up
Trying to crawl to the top

She wants him full of ambition
A goal to be her prince so charming
With all his finances secured
He’s packin’ bags with no ego
Low self esteem, he is bleeding
And all the money’s gone to Mrs. Ex
He’s always looking up
Hoping for another shot

Somewhere up at the top he thought he had a shot
Somewhere up at the top

One more time done with some vigor
Suck it up; suppress your dreams
And punch the clock to fill another day
Don’t look back, it’s all your lost youth
Never thought you’d be so desperate for another shot at glory days
Now you’ve become Nowhere Man
Plight of the common man