From the recording Welcome To The Party

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No Sugar, All Spice (Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie: 7/17/06)

She gives really good ultimatums
Lets me know I'm standing on really thin ice
She gives tips on my behavior
A black widow recipe; no sugar, all spice
She gives good lectures on my shortcomings
Delivered with lots of fire, but cold as ice

No sugar, all spice

Complex calculations
Situations all intertwined
Time count violations
Political history bound to unwind
Leverage lost in trade embargo
Giving witty replies to simple minds

No sugar, all spice

Sometimes I can't read the paper
I can't watch the news, it's cold and too blue
Stifled by literate press persuasion
Tilted to one side, go left or go right
Too much bad information
Just another ugly slice of the human life

No sugar, all spice