From the recording Let Your Love Be Bold

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Someone walkin’ up to me
Sidewalk surfin’ on bare feet
Now they’ve turned the other way
Well I guess we’ll never know
What it means to meet
Out on the empty streets

Well I’m on my way, on a cloudy day
Someone’s watching, from their window
Am I suspicious?
Or barefoot and fancy free

Back in 73
The barefoot stroll at its peak
Sidewalk or sand at your feet
Well I guess we didn’t know
We were totally free
Tiptoeing to the beat

Could you come my way, on a sunny day
We won’t be drinking their paranoia
We won’t be thinking, filled with fear and rage
For our hearts and minds are uncaged
Free to speak and live for the day

One more thing to do
Show my love to you
Well I hope you’ll always know