1. Going South

From the recording Let Your Love Be Bold

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Well my pickup went and quit up
And I’m standing in the rain
Now I’m soakin’, ain’t no joking
And I’m talking to window panes

You saw me standing on the corner
You rolled your window on down
Tipped your hat and said ‘good morning’
Then you drove off going south
South, it’s going south

I was sailing, now I’m bailing
And my bucket has gotta hole
Now I’m thinking, that I’m sinking
And I’m wondering where to go

You sailed out of the harbour
You rolled your eyes and looked down
Snugged your hat and fixed your glasses
Then you sailed on down south
South, it’s going south

Well my walls now, they’re all crumblin’
And I’m tumblin’ down the hill
Slippin’, sliddin’, I’m confiding
That I’m needing a bit of help

Lord hold me ever closer
Take your child by the hand
Cause the ground’s disappearing
And it’s all going south
South, it’s going south