1. The Moment

From the recording Part 23 Of My Life

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The Moment (Music & Lyrics by Steve Laurie: 6/25/05)

I guess I’m feeling like it’s time to go
Cause if I stay much longer, well you know
An awkward moment isn’t what you need
I think it’s better now if I just leave

Nobody ever told you; nobody ever believed
But I can see the moment when your heart is free

Time and time again it happens here
Boy meets girl but girl she disappears
Guys who can’t see when they’re outta their league
Other ones retreat to another day

Nobody ever holds you; nobody ever stays
Can you live for the moment? Let go of all your pain?

I think I’ll take a trip and fly away
Go get lost somewhere I’ve never been
Watch the people dance and play the game
Hiding loneliness and hiding pain

Nobody ever gets you; nobody can come close
But I can see the moment your heart’s an open door