1. Groove

From the recording Killing Prose

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Groove (Words/Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie: 5/24/05)

You came along marching to tell me your news
Leaving me speechless; feelin’ the blues
Now I’m just your monkey, shinin’ your shoes
There’s gotta be a better way to get back my groove

And all your words to me don’t mean much at all
And time won’t heal a heart that won’t forgive itself

I’m cruisin’ in slow motion, runnin’ through the weeds
The mighty have fallen; see how the other half lives
I’m sensing there’s danger, but who am I to say
I just a want my groove back; throw this funk away

All I ever knew is that I know nothing at all
Livin’ day to day through the wonder of it all

Time keeps movin’ forward
Goin’ through the motions’ getting’ old
I’d shed my skin if I could
Make me a new creature, woncha Lord?

They’re givin’ me the rundown on all the latest scores
Victory ahead they say; boy I hope so
Soul searchin’s painful, when it never ends
Gotta get my groove back; if you see it mail it in