From the recording Songs From The Kitchen

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Isn’t Life a Funny Thing? (Words/Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie: 11/10/88)

Isn’t life a funny thing?
It seems ya just never know what it’s gonna bring
And you think you’ve got it all figured out
But you always seem to end up in doubt

Why can’t I see things clearly?
I want so dearly
To understand my head and my heart
To know my call and then do my part

For I know that someday
I’ll stand before Your face
Oh why, oh why, can’t I follow You?
The way that I desire to in my heart
Oh my God

Isn’t faith a funny thing?
You say you believe and then you fall on your face
But you must always get back up on your feet
Cause you know when we reach the end

We will see things clearly
No more fear and all the pain and sorrow will go
We will know that we have come home

For I know that someday, I’ll stand before Your face
Oh please, Lord please, help me to see the way to go
Please don’t let me drift away, save me