1. North

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North (Words/Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie - 7/6/06)

Twenty one guns; we lost another son
No one knows why the innocent die
Up here in the north, my neighbour is my friend
When he suffers loss, a part of me ends
I'll carry you home; oh I'll share your load
Oh my kin are yours and we'll change the world
We'll change the world for good

The wind swept away a piece of hope today
And standing in the rain won't wash away the pain
Up here in the north, we turn the other cheek
We shine our courage through by learning to be meek
Oh may you never be alone; oh my home is your home
Oh don't ever let go; hold on to your faith
Hold on for God's grace for you

Oh it gets harder every day
Oh but don't be led astray
Oh show some kindness every day
And you'll change the world
You'll change the world for good