From the recording Condition Of The Heart

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Roadside Encounter (Words/Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie, 3/10/02)

Walkin’ down a dusty road outside Jerusalem
Miles to go and wouldn’t you know the sun was getting low
Sore my feet and cold my heart from all that I had lost
The setting sun now my emblem, the darkness of it all

Up ahead I noticed something burning beside the road
I heard the crackle of the fire and voices to me unknown
As I neared, He beckoned me to join them round the fire
Offered me some bread to eat and water for my dry throat

He said, “You look tired and weary, my son”
“We have some fish and blankets, won’t you stay with us a while?”
There was something in His eyes, a kindness I can’t explain
I felt compelled to stay with Him and hear what He had to say

The words that came out of His mouth were ointment to my sores
Rejuvenating, validating the love of God for me
His wisdom and knowledge were unsurpassed by all I’ve known
Talking with Him I felt as if I had been reborn

Round the fire with me many others sat and heard
As He answered questions and brought us clarity and peace
At times it seemed so surreal or perhaps just a dream
But the love and kindness in Him, flowed out like a stream

He said, “Come unto Me all ye that labour”
“Bring Me your burdens and I will give you rest”
“Come unto Me any man who does thirst”
“Only believe in Me and I’ll forever quench your thirst”

Through all my life that’s the one night that I wish had no end
I could’ve talked with Him for days and weeks on end
But He told me He must go onward to Jerusalem
To pay a price and give a sacrifice for all of mankind

I didn’t really understand these parting words He gave
But I knew my life would never again be the same
I asked Him if we’d ever meet again another day
He said, “I am with you always and to the end”

Now I know that I’ve sat at the feet of the risen Lord
I’ve broken bread and spoke face to face with the one true God
And all that lives within me cries out for that day
When I’ll return to Him to talk forever and always