1. I'm Alright

From the recording Songs From The Kitchen

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I'm Alright (Words/Lyrics & Music by Steve Laurie, 5/22/07)

I ate a bag of Smarties to feed my brain
A little sugar fix for to ease my pain
Took a long walk in the cold hard rain
Chasing that water going down the drain
Sometimes I get down; you know I can't explain
Why chasing that water seems to keep me sane
But I'm alright

Sometimes there's a monster living in my brain
I'm Abel minded, hunted by a man named Cain
Driven to distraction when You call my name
An able bodied soul here with no one to blame
Take me to the river, wash away my pain
Gimme some salvation in Jesus' name
So I'm alright

I've gotta say something to fill this space
Singing to a world that can't see my face
Everybody's got a part in time and space
The pompatous of love is what we like to chase
I feel so deserted when you leave my place
But we're all together in the human race
And I'm alright