1. The Fall Down

From the recording Original Songs & Clichés

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The Fall Down

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The situations always the same now
One side takes all the blame somehow
I don’t know why it always goes wrong
All I know is I take the fall down
Each time it’s the same old thing now
My losing streak oughta get me a championship ring

You just keep me smiling and I just make you cry
You just make me happy; you say that I don’t try
You just keep me grinning and I make your temper fry
I say that I love you and you say it’s goodbye

It must be that I’m defective
Need surgery that is elective
An operation to make some replacements
New personality and some nice new teeth
Throw me back in the ring for round ten
I’ll take it on the chin, time and again

You just make me happy and I just make you sad
You just keep me smiling and I just make you mad
You just keep me singing and I just make you cringe
You make my heart flutter; then you throw me to the gutter